Did you know that, according to Sarasota Magazine, the Lakewood Ranch community that was established over 25 years earlier had almost 18,000 homes in it on September 4, 2020? Additionally, on this date, the number of residents there was almost 43,000.

If you’re thinking of moving to this area, you might be wondering about the design trends of modern luxury homes. You would love to live in luxury, but if you don’t know what the current design trends are.

You might even be feeling overwhelmed given how many options are out there when it comes to luxury interior design.

Fortunately, in this article, we’ll review the trends of modern luxury home design in 2022. Finally, you can have the home you’ve always dreamed of. Read on to learn more.


Modern Luxury Home

Mixing Modern and Vintage

When it comes to luxury interior design ideas, one of the best moves you can make is mixing modern and vintage. By doing this, you’ll elevate a room with vintage pieces, such as a mid-century coffee table or fancy sofas and seats.

However, so that the space won’t feel dusty and old, you can add a sleek modern piece of furniture.

As a result, you’ll have an eclectic space that feels both deep and contemporary, bringing a modern, luxury vibe to your home.

Bringing the Outdoors In

Whether you’re thinking of buying one of the new construction homes in Lakewood Ranch or you already have a home you want to renovate, one classic interior design aesthetic is to bringing the outdoors in.

The name of this trend is biophilic design. This design focuses on natural materials, vegetation, and natural light.

Adding some plants to your space is a way to do this. Additionally, other ways are including furniture that’s made from natural materials (such as wood) and allowing natural light to come into the room easily by avoiding drapes and curtains.

Adding Art Pieces

Art in your home should reflect your personal taste and styel. One way to make Sarasota luxury homes have a more modern feel is to judiciously add tasteful art pieces. Large walls are perfect for oversized canvases or prints, but not too many. Another option is to create a gallery wall, which is a large collection of framed art in either a uniform or random pattern.

Another way to bring your home up to date is by places sculptures in key places. A modern sculpture displayed on an accent table inside your homes foyer will both display your personal style and become a conversation piece for visitors. Or consider a more classic piece in the corner of library or office space.

Making Your Tech as Modern as Possible

However modern the interior of your home is, it will never look clean and modern if there are wires all over your kitchen, living room, or home office. You'll need to bring your technology up to date.

These days most homes can get away with either a single wireless router, or a router with one wifi extension. With a high bandwidth internet connection this is enough to run all the TVs, phones and tablets in your home and then some, all wire free.

Also consider wireless electronic blinds on your windows to free your spaces of those ugly pull cords. A tech-free, modern option which accomplishes the same is to add plantation shutters.

Using the Minimalist Style

Whether you’re interested in Lakewood Ranch luxury homes or another type of home, you can make a home more modern and luxurious by using the minimalist style. This is because simplicity is a classy look that makes it possible for you to show off the specific pieces you’ve chosen.

Additionally, having an organized, clean space is in right now. With minimalism, it’s easier to keep things simple and neat.

A home that's minimalist is one where the only items in it are ones you love, use, and need. As for whatever is left, you strip it back, as it's excess.

Some tips for creating a minimalist look include removing extra items you don't need, not buying in bulk, replacing bulky furniture, clearing your walls, and getting rid of an item each time you buy a new one.

Bringing in Light

Finally, something that can transform a room is light. Whether you’re interested in new construction homes in Lakewood Ranch where you design the windows, or you’re looking at an older home, bringing in the light can make your home more beautiful and elegant.

There are three ways you can do this. One way is to change the windows so they’re larger. Of course, this would require a renovation.

Another option is to use lighter drapes or change your blinds so they let in more light. This easy solution can completely transform a room.

Finally, while natural light does modernize a space, changing the light fixtures can do this, too. Especially if there are older fixtures, replacing these will make the space more modern.

Rethink the Bathroom Design

Re-doing the bathrooms of a home can also make it look modern and luxurious. By adding features such as a large bath, replacing a shower curtain with a glass door, or re-doing the cabinets to create a vanity, you can feel like you’re in a fancy hotel or restaurant’s bathroom.

This is also an opportunity to add in large mirrors, artwork, bespoke tiling, and new furniture in the bathroom, making it more luxurious than ever.

Interested in Learning More About Modern Luxury Homes?

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