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June 28, 2021

8 Questions to Ask Before Buying a New Construction Home

When you’re shopping for a new home, you want it to be everything you’ve always dreamed of. Maybe you want a big kitchen, a large great-room, or maybe a den to use as a home office. But building a custom home can be expensive and can involve a lot of hassle. 

Buying a new construction home from a production builder can be a great way to get the best of both worlds. Read on to get some tips for buying a new construction home in Lakewood Ranch.

What Other Communities Have You Built?

When you’re getting ready to buy a new construction home, one of the first questions you should ask is what other homes and communities the builder has constructed. Take the time to check out the builder's models and to visit other communities if possible. This will give you an idea of the size of the company and level of experience. 

Builders in Lakewood Ranch range from Lennar Homes, one of the nation's largest home builders, to John Cannon Homes, a local, high-end custom builder. With over 20 builders in the Lakewood Ranch area, ranging in price from the $200's to over $3-million, you have quite a variety of builders and communities to choose from.

buying a house in florida

Can I See References from Other Buyers?

While seeing the home itself is important when buying a new construction home, you also want to find out what previous buyers’ experience has been like. The homes may be beautiful, but it’s not worth it if the building and buying process is a huge hassle. It’s a good idea to talk to previous clients and ask about their experience with the builder.

Talk to your builder and ask if they have references from previous clients. While written references are better, if possible, you should talk to the buyers themselves.

They can give you direct information about what it was like to work with the builder, as well as how they’ve enjoyed living in their home.

What Is Your Warranty Like?

No matter how well-built a home is, things can still go wrong, and you want to make sure you’re protected if that happens. Once you’ve talked to previous clients and seen other homes from the builder, you need to ask them about their warranty.

A good warranty will ensure that, in the unlikely event that something breaks down in your home prematurely, you’re protected.

Ask your builder what sort of warranty they offer, if any, and if there are any conditions associated with it. There may be a materials warranty that extends longer than the labor warranty. You may also want to check if the warranty is transferrable in the event you wind up selling the home before the warranty ends. 

Can I Customize My Home?

When you build a home from scratch, you get to choose everything about what it will be like. You can decide on everything from what layout it will have to which finishes will go in which rooms. But when you buy a new construction home, you may or may not have those customization options available.

Some builders will allow you to customize your home to a certain degree or will let you pick from pre-established floor plans. Talk to your builder about what sort of customization options, if any, are available.

If you have any specific needs, be sure you bring these up to see if they’ll be a possibility for your home.

Can I Get the Home Inspected?

Most of the time, we associate home inspections with homes that are already established. We want to make sure previous builders have followed code and that necessary updates have been made over the years. But what do you do if you want to make sure your new construction home meets these same code requirements?

Talk to your builder and ask if you can get the home inspected before you sign a contract on it. A reputable builder should have no issue with this, as the inspection will simply confirm that they are following all the proper requirements.

If a builder will not allow an inspection before you sign a contract, look elsewhere for your new construction home.

Can I Back Out of the Contract?

At this point in the process, you should be feeling pretty confident in the builder you’ve chosen. However, you always have to be prepared for the unexpected, and things may change before you close on the house. You or your partner might have to change jobs, a relative might get sick, or something may happen to damage the home.

You need to ask your builder before you sign your contract if you have a way to back out of it. There may be costs associated with this – non-refundable deposits, cancellation fees, and so on – and there may be a point of no return. But you should have the option to back out of a contract before you close on the house if your situation changes.

How Long Will the Build Take? 

Once all your other concerns have been addressed, the last question you need to ask your builder is how long it will take to build your home. This will be a critical factor, especially depending on where you’re moving from. If you’re renting, you may need to see if you can extend your lease until the home is ready.

If you’re selling a home, you may want to wait to list it until you’re within a month or so of your new house being done. This can help to avoid costly delays or issues with your move. It’s a good idea to have a backup plan, however, in case your house sells more quickly or more slowly than you expect.

Learn More About Your New Construction Home

Buying a new construction home can be a wonderful way to get the house of your dreams without having to go through the hassle and expense of a custom-built home. You do need to take the time to do some homework first though. And most importantly, work with a realtor experienced in new-construction. Daniel Bacon is available to help, just call, text or email at the contact number and email on our website -

Search our new homes today and take the next step towards living in your dream house in the Sunshine State!

June 15, 2021

9 Waterfront Property Buying Tips in Lakewood Ranch, FL

Florida is synonymous with fun, sun, and water.  

Are you looking to relocate or retire and are considering Lakewood Ranch, FL?

Located just minutes outside the cities of Sarasota and Bradenton, on the west "sunshine coast" of Florida, this luxury area also offers gorgeous waterfront property opportunities.

When you purchase a waterfront home, you're investing in a life of convenience, happiness, and luxury.

Keep reading to uncover 9 buying tips for choosing a picturesque waterfront property that meets your needs and budget while also exceeding your expectations!

1. View It as an Investment

Purchasing waterfront property will cost more than buying a home or property inland thanks to its gorgeous views.

Instead of getting sticker shock when pricing Lakewood Ranch FL waterfront homes, consider your purchase an investment. Waterfront homes notoriously appreciate at a greater rate than inland properties.

If you sell at the right time in the future you could make a hefty ROI.

Are you using your waterfront home as a rental? Properties with water views are always in high demand, meaning you can charge higher rates and boost your income. 

2. Consider Your Lifestyle

A luxury lifestyle and owning waterfront property in Lakewood Ranch FL go hand-in-hand. When choosing the perfect waterfront home, consider what you'll use the house for.

Do you and your family enjoy boating? Do you want an oversized dock for entertaining? 

Fishing, canoeing, and kayaking are also popular pastimes for waterfront homeowners. If you prefer deep-sea fishing, calculate how far the property is from the ocean.

Lakewood Ranch is only a 25 to 35-minute drive from some of Florida's most gorgeous beaches including Siesta Key

These are attractive features for both you as a homeowner and for prospective renters.

Waterfront Property

3. How Often Will You Use It?

Are you purchasing waterfront property as your forever home or will it be a rental property? Convenience is key if you plan to live in Lakewood Ranch full-time.

Close proximity to the cities of Bradenton and Sarasota means plenty of things to do and see. Your luxury home will be conveniently located near shopping centers, grocery stores, and major highways.

Waterfront property offers you the best of both worlds by also providing an escape from the busy city life. 

4. The Location vs. the Structure

Location, location, location. And we aren't just talking about your geographical location.

When considering waterfront property in Lakewood Ranch, evaluate the land itself as well as the structure.

Of course, you want a beautiful, custom home, but the main attraction of a waterfront home is the landscape itself. Evaluate the walk from the house to the water's edge, the condition of the dock, and water access.

Remember, you can always change the house but you can't do much about the property. Make sure it's comfortable and conducive to your lifestyle. 

You also need to determine where the property line ends. Some waterfront homes have a strip of land between your property line and the water's edge that someone else owns. 

5. Research Insurance Requirements

While almost no waterfront homes in Lakewood Ranch require flood insurance, it's a different story if you are looking near the rivers or Gulf of Mexico. Flood insurance can be quite expensive and is typically separate from your normal homeowner's insurance policy. 

The builder or realtor you choose can help determine if your waterfront property is in a flood zone. A qualified insurance agent can then give you an accurate quote to protect your new home. 

Several factors determine the cost of flood insurance including risk, the deductible, and the type of coverage you choose (building and contents).

6. Waterfront Property that Withstands the Elements

One of the only downsides to owning waterfront property in Florida is the risk of hurricanes and other natural disasters (which is why you need flood insurance).

In addition to financially protecting your home with insurance coverage, you want to make sure the home itself is built to standards.

Homes built on stilts, hurricane-proof glass and shutters, a metal roof, and stainless steel accents and accessories are all wise choices for waterfront homes.

Luckily, the waterfront homes in Lakewood Ranch are on lakes, so we don't have a lot of the concerns that our gulf-front residents do.

7. Calculate Additional Fees 

When purchasing a new home, it's important to consider more than just the listing price. Waterfront homes come with their own set of additional fees.

Property taxes are often higher on waterfront property. For homes on boat water you have to consider the maintenance and replacement of sea walls. Docks and boat lifts also add to the overall cost of ownership.

8. Consider the Changing Environment 

In addition to weather, natural wear and tear and environmental changes are major considerations for waterfront property owners. 

Research the shoreline's history. Erosion and changes in the tides could take your home from being on the water's edge to being underwater or a quarter of a mile away! 

While you can't predict the future, investigating the area will help you make an informed decision. 

9. Understand the Responsibilities of Owning Waterfront Property 

Owning property in Lakewood Ranch FL also means the added responsibility of home owner's association payments, community development district fees.

HOA membership includes monthly or annual fees and other restrictions. You may also need to maintain your property in accordance with specific guidelines and requirements.

Discover the Waterfront Property of Your Dreams

Have you been dreaming of living on the water, near the beach, or in a lakefront community? Lakewood Ranch, Florida has loads of gorgeous waterfront homes to choose from.

Whether you're purchasing a home for your family or a rental property, we can help. Browse available homes here based on your needs, preference, and budget, and get swept away by the beauty of Lakewood Ranch. 

June 11, 2021

How to Find Your Dream House for Sale in Lakewood Ranch

While the search for a dream home can become a little daunting at times, we're here to encourage you to do one thing: remain optimistic. 

Sure, there's a lot to juggle and (often) a few concessions to make. Just remember that what you're about to embark upon isn't something everyone gets to do in their lifetime.  

More specifically, if you're looking for a house in the sunshine state, then there's no need to look beyond a house for sale in Lakewood Ranch. We're talking waterfront views, easy access to the Gulf of Mexico, and world-class golf courses that will sweep all your cares away. 

Below, we've outlined five essential steps that will help you hone in on "the one" and achieve your very own happily ever after.

Home for sale in Lakewood Ranch

Assess Your Housing Needs

You've probably heard this on some of your favorite HGTV shows. "Your needs are not the same as your wants." Although that's a real bubble-burster, it's also true. 

So, make a list. And be honest with yourself because you'll want to split that list into needs and wants. Start with the needs. For example, if you have a large family, space for entertainment is a need for you, not a want. 

Consider your current and your long-term needs, too. Over time, do you think you'll need a first-floor master bedroom to avoid the stairs?

Or, over time, do you think you'll need spare bedrooms and bathrooms to house all your little grandkids? 

Only after you've satisfied all your needs should you move onto your wants like a jacuzzi bathtub, marble countertops, or tray ceilings. 

Pinpoint Your Buying Power

Consider getting pre-approved for a loan since an approval will be required once you make an offer on a home. It also provides a little bit of assurance that you can "put your money where your mouth is." It's a win-win for everyone involved. 

Once you've gone through the pre-approval process, you'll also know other important details like your credit score, down payment amounts, mortgage estimates, current interest rates, and more. 

This will help you step into the joy that is home shopping feeling pretty confident that you'll be able to have your cake and eat it, too. 

Decide On New or Pre-Owned

There's a long list of pros and cons when buying new or pre-owned. The pros to a new construction are ample and obvious. New homes in Lakewood Ranch, FL, for example, will be state of the art, never-lived-in, and sparkling with all the hope and wonder of something pristine. 

You won't have to worry about replacing the roof anytime soon; the HVAC unit will be top-notch; the floors will be brand new. But, don't let the glitz and glamour of a new construction deter you from a home that was built a few years ago. 

Pre-owned houses can be, on average, 20% cheaper than new homes, depending on the market and timing. And, sometimes, you run into some really wonderful updates, like a new lanai with a pool and spa, that the previous homeowners have already done for you. 

So, if you have a specific area in mind, you may want to keep your options open and explore both kinds of homes. It will broaden your search base and allow you to meet your match. 

"There is no perfect house"

It won't surprise you to be told that home buying is a lot like dating. You may not find someone who hits all the marks. But, you will eventually find someone who gets pretty close. 

The same goes for home buying. Perhaps you'll find a home on the perfect homesite. If you're considering Lakewood Ranch, Florida, you're going to find that waterfront view you've always dreamed of. But, what if it has tile and you were hoping for engineered hardwood? 

See past that flaw and look at the big picture. If the roof is new, the view is stellar, and the layout is perfect, then consider the fact that, over time, you can swap out that carpeting for hardwood. 

Dream House for Sale in Lakewood Ranch

Did you know we have your dream house for sale in Lakewood Ranch, Florida? Indeed, we can accommodate your needs and your wants.

Here at the Daniel Bacon Group, our Realtors in both buying and selling homes in the Bradenton/Sarasota area. We also have the proven ability to determine what will make our clients' dreams come true.

Indeed, we have everything you've been looking for in our long list of Lakewood Ranch houses for sale. That includes the layout you need, the view you want, and the sunshine you dream about.  

Look here for our new homes and luxury homes over $1M. We know we can find the jewel for your crown and we can't wait to take you for a tour. 

June 10, 2021

Retirement Bliss: 6 Benefits of Living in a Golf Course Home

What if you could draw back your floor-to-ceiling curtains in the morning, gaze out over the glimmer of your pool, and set your eyes upon the slow rise of the morning sun? 

That sounds lovely, doesn't it? But, what if you could do it over the rising slope of emerald green grass, silky smooth sand traps, and bold, red flag pins? Life would feel, at once, calm, complete, and quintessential. 

Purchasing a golf course home comes with an array of benefits. They begin with glorious morning sunlight and end with beautiful sunsets and evening activities, ranging from swim class to dinner with a nice filet mignon paired with a smooth Malbec. 

Below, we've painted a canvas that outlines six of the best benefits of living in a golf course community. In it, you'll find there's something for everyone and tranquility just around the corner.  

1. Expansive Views

Living near a golf course tends to come with two different types of views: expansive green lawns and waterfront delights.

No matter your preference, imagine a world where you look out from your sunroom to see palm trees swaying in the breeze, pelicans sailing into the pond, and the flag on green dancing in the breeze.

The golf course lifestyle is all but made for lanai living. Folks who live in golf communities visit their lanais with their morning cups of coffee. come back for lunch and again for an evening swim. The lanai is your outdoor living room and provides peace, tranquility, and relaxation.

golf course home

2. Community Living & Great Tee Times

Golf course homes tend to attract like-minded people. Whether they have a love for the sport or an appreciation for a fine manner of living, you're going to pool together with folks you're likely to get along with. 

As you seek out the best foursome for Saturday's round, you'll find it's easy to pair up with new friends. And, if the courses beckon people from all over to come and take a swing, you'll always have the home field advantage of better tee times as a resident. 

All in all, you'll have the benefits of community living with like-minded people and prime access to the courses that drew you there in the first place. 

3. Planned Events

Let's stay with the topic of community living a little while longer. It will be quite effortless and natural to bump into like-minded people who will quickly become friends. 

Beyond that, there will also be ample opportunities to attend planned events. You won't be hard-pressed to find local newsletters in golf communities that list a host of ongoing activities. In addition, some communities employ activity directors who are always coming up with new things for residents to do.

Perhaps you'll find fundraising events you can attend, arts and crafts classes, group trips to local destinations, or happy hour specials you can enjoy with your new friends. 

The point is that the golf lifestyle lends itself to so much more than perfect tee times and competitive foursomes. It also opens the door to countless communal events that will introduce you to all kinds of wonderful, new friends. 

4. Pools & Other Amenities

Golf community real estate comes with yet more than expansive views, great tee times, and a communal feel. You're also likely to stumble upon local, community pools and other amenities that will allow you to soak up the sun. 

Common amenities include well-maintained pools, fitness centers, tennis courts, bocce ball, and pickleball courts. Beyond that, don't be surprised if you find recreational centers, or clubhouses, with pool tables, multi-purpose rooms for arts and crafts, and top-shelf restaurants. 

5. Town Centers

Speaking of top-shelf restaurants, it's likely the golf community you're exploring is within a short distance to a town square or shopping center, featuring all kinds of restaurants and shops to explore. Main Street Town Center was the first major town center and is a hub of social activity in Lakewood Ranch. The new Waterside Place will feature waterfront restaurants, parks, and the new Players Center for the Performing Arts.

These are places where you might stroll a Saturday morning farmer's market or dance to the beat of some live music on a Friday night.

6. Property Value

Selling is rarely on the mind of a new homebuyer. But, it's certainly worth considering. You're making the best investment of your life and you want it to have value. 

When you buy a home in a golf community, you're purchasing a special home that is more likely to retain value over time, particular in a top-selling community like Lakewood Ranch. 

Then, when/if the time comes to sell, the views and community will speak for themselves, and just might allow you to boost your list price a couple of notches. 

The Best Golf Course Home for You

Did you know we have your dream golf course home for sale in Lakewood Ranch, Florida? We have those expansive views, peaceful lanais, and floor-to-ceiling windows just waiting for you. 

If you're ready to slow down and separate yourself from a chaotic world, then we invite you to come visit our slice of life here on the west coast of Florida. Located just south of Tampa Bay (and a short drive to the Gulf of Mexico), you couldn't ask for a better slice of sunshine.

At the Daniel Bacon Group, we have a proven ability to make our clients' dreams come true. Our Lakewood Ranch real estate options illustrate how every home was built with energy efficiency and joie de vivre in mind. We have luxury homes for sale, new construction homes to be built, and resale homes that will fit your needs. 

We look forward to helping you find the perfect home!

April 9, 2021

Pros and Cons of Waterfront Homes

Are you considering purchasing a waterfront home? Do you have interest in homes over $1 million that fit the bill of "Sarasota luxury homes" with pristine water in front of them? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about waterfront real estate.

Doing so will help you understand whether or not a waterfront property is the right decision for you. We'll also help you understand why Lakewood Ranch waterfront property is so valuable.

See below for an in-depth guide on waterfront homes in Florida. Be sure to consider this list as you make your decision.

waterfront homes

Pro: Breathtaking Views

We briefly touched on this in the intro, but one of the biggest benefits of investing in waterfront homes is the year-round view.

Have you ever heard someone say that they feel most alive whenever they're near water? As it turns out, they might've been onto something.

Studies have shown that being by water can offer you and your family numerous health benefits. It can increase blood flow to your brain and heart, as well as release feel-good hormones (such as dopamine) into our brain.

This is why beach vacations are so good for you. By investing in a waterfront home, you'll get these health benefits year-round. 

Contrary to popular belief, you aren't limited to waterfront properties on the Gulf of Mexico. There are many tremendous options in South Florida, such as finding waterfront real estate in the thriving Lakewood Ranch Florida area.

Take one look at our Lakewood Ranch Real Estate map and you'll see that there are plenty of lakes and waterfront real estate opportunities.

Another benefit to Lakewood Ranch homes is that be on the beach in Lido Key or Siesta Key Beach in less than 30 minutes!

Con: Privacy

This should be prefaced by saying that privacy isn't an issue if you invest in a Lakewood Ranch waterfront property. Homes on the lakes tend to be very private because there is nothing behind your home besides a beautiful body of water.

That said, many oceanfront homeowners will tell you that they experience less privacy than owners of lakefront homes. If a public beach is in your backyard you might have people walking past your back yard at all hours of the day. It will be especially busy during the winter months when snowbirds make their way into town.

We'll help you find a waterfront property that offers you the perfect balance of waterfront views, privacy, and activity. 

Pro: Dream Setup

Ask ten people where they'd like to move to, and 7 or 8 of them (if not all 10) will tell you South Florida. 

But when people think of Florida homes, they aren't just envisioning themselves in the suburbs is an hour or so away from the nearest beach. They want to invest in a waterfront home.

By investing in waterfront property, you'll have the setup that everyone dreams of. You will be able to use that to your advantage. Water will increase the value of your property if you ever sell.

Con: Lakes Not Swimmable 

We find that most people prefer not to swim in freshwater Florida lakes, to begin with. That said, we want to set the expectation from the start: the water behind your Lakewood Ranch property likely isn't swimmable.

Why? Because when you see a lake in Florida you just assume there are gators in it. That's just common sense! But every year we hear stories about someone who hopped a fence to go swimming somewhere in Florida and found a not-so-friendly inhabitant. Gators are not out to get you, and are actually scared of people, but we give them their space - and the lakes are their space. 

For swimming, we are 25-45 minutes from some of the most pristine, award-winning beaches in the world. There you can kayak, swim, snorkel, or anything other water activity that your heart desires.

Pro: Reduced Exposure Related Costs

So why should you invest in a lakefront home instead of an oceanfront home? There are many reasons.

First, an inland lakefront home lowers the risk of damage in the case of a rare hurricane, since storms break up over land. Also, since Lakewood Ranch is not in a flood zone you don't have to worry about carrying expensive flood insurance.

Since they are less exposed to extreme elements, lakefront property also has far fewer maintenance costs than oceanfront homes. This saves money while still offering the waterfront views that you desire.

Invest in Lakewood Ranch Waterfront Homes Today

Now that you have seen all of the different pros and cons to investing in waterfront homes, be sure to start your search in Lakewood Ranch Florida.

Are you interested in Sarasota as well? If so, then be sure to read this article on how to find a tremendous Sarasota luxury home today.

April 9, 2021

Best Lakefront Homes in Florida

Florida welcomes nearly a thousand new residents every day. It's no wonder, considering the Sunshine State's superior weather and tax advantages.

If you’ve clicked on this post, then you understand the appeal of Floridian weather accompanied by a lakeside view. But what lakefront homes in Lakewood Ranch are the best? Where can you find a home situated in a warm, welcoming community?

Lakewood Ranch’s homes aren’t only about the lake views — they’re also about standardizing quality architectural design, opulent amenities, and domestic comfort.

Want to learn more about them? Then keep reading to know which Lakewood Ranch properties earn our recommendation!

7802 Mathern Court, Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202

  • Listing Price: $1,549,000
  • BD/BA: 4 BD 4 BA
  • Size: 4,673 SqFt

Summerfield Village is the first housing community in Lakewood Ranch, Florida and continues to set Lakewood Ranch’s standard of luxury and comfort. Traditional architecture cements Summerfield Village’s timeless reputation, and its older properties have been updated with modern features like granite counters, stainless steel appliances, garages, pools, and more.

Family-friendliness anchors Summerfield, which has a 15-acre, carefully landscaped community park with tennis courts, jogging paths, a baseball field, and a playground. There are also charcoal grills and a pavilion for festivities or a casual Sunday picnic.

Students also don’t need to venture far for their education, as Braden River Elementary and Middle School are within walking distance.

This property on Mathern Court greets residents with a lavish U-shaped courtyard and has coffered ceilings inspired by Japanese architecture, lending it a grandeur that is both noble and neat. All this is coupled with meticulous millwork and oversized porcelain tile flooring, rounding out the sublimity of the entire house design.

Its gourmet kitchen has commercial-grade, stainless steel amenities, satisfying even the most dedicated home chefs. The master suite has its own sitting area, has walk-in closets, and a private bath and walk-in shower fit for two. This home’s living room is optimized for comfort with a fireplace, wet bar, wine fridge, and beverage coolers.

Just outside the living room’s French slider doors is an incredible outdoor paradise. A sheltered summer kitchen, a stone fireplace, and heated in-ground pool, and a birdcage-screened spa — what more could you ask for? All this, surrounded by skillful landscaping and a lakeside view, makes this residence one of Summerfield Village’s domestic gems.

13714 Messina Loop Unit 102, Lakewood Ranch, FL 34211

  • Listing Price: $299,000
  • BD/BA: 2 BD 2 BA
  • Size: 1,528 SqFt

Esplanade at Azario is Lakewood Ranch’s newly-minted golfing community, featuring pieces of lakefront real estate similarly designed as Esplanade Lakewood Ranch. True to its specialty, this area has an 18-hole golf course. But it also has a wellness center, tennis court, resort-style pool, Bahama Bar, and much more.

Of course, you can also reside here without a golfing package. Nonetheless, this community continues to boom in popularity due to its combined luxury and family-friendliness. It’s also just off SR-64 and close to I-75, making it a perfect area for those who commute on a regular basis.

The home in question is fully furnished and boasts a view of Floridian lake waters. It has a split, minimalistic architectural design, making room for both privacy and an arsenal of shared memories. With stainless kitchen appliances, granite countertops, and a breakfast bar, this unit is a modern utility for comfort and contentedness.

Its master suite suits those seeking utmost privacy and also has dual custom closets and an ensuite bath. The study can be used as-is or can be transformed into a den or 3rd bedroom. Guests will also enjoy the privacy of their guest bed/bath suite situated behind an out-of-sight pocket door.

7979 Matera Court, Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202

  • Listing Price: $1,525,000
  • BD/BA: 3 BD 3 BA
  • Size: 2,933 SqFt

The Lake Club is a private, gated community in Lakewood Ranch — and also its most exclusive area. These Florida lakefront homes are designed with Mediterranian, French Country, West Indies, or English Manor influences, coupling modern amenities with classic architectural style.

Residents can also access exclusive, luxurious services at The Grande Clubhouse. The Clubhouse features a private fitness center, a day spa, two resort-style pools, and much more. The Lake Club also guarantees that its homes feature clean indoor air filtration and drought-resistant landscaping.

7979 Matera Court is one of The Lake Club’s more modestly sized properties but is just as grand as neighboring homes. Its design is elegant and warm, classic but updated. There’s an entryway courtyard upon arrival, impact glass installed throughout the home, and country travertine flooring through main living areas.

One of this home’s key features is its stellar country kitchen, looking just as friendly as it is alluring. The owner’s wing is especially tempting, linked with a private foyer and an open-sided bedroom and bath. There are also two en-suite bedrooms for other residents and guests.

The outdoor area leads out from the living room to a spectacular outdoor kitchen, lounging, and dining area. With an outdoor fireplace, resort-style pool and spa, tropical landscaping, and a lake view, you’ll want little more from this bountiful property.

Are You Ready to Soak Up the Sun in Florida’s Best Lakefront Homes?

Whether you’re looking for a permanent residence or a vacation home, these lakefront homes in Lakewood Ranch will elevate your domestic lifestyle. This is truly the best place to soak in golden Floridian weather and enjoy both modernity and nature.

Do these listings interest you? Then contact Fine Properties today! With us, you’re bound to find your perfect home.

March 30, 2021

New Construction Homes Lakewood Ranch: The In's & Out's

Lakewood Ranch was second only to The Villages for the number of new homes sold in 2020. If you haven't looked at new construction homes in Lakewood Ranch yet, you don't know what you're missing.

Lakewood Ranch is a master-planned community in Manatee and Sarasota counties. It has more than 20 villages that have been mindfully designed with luxury homes, schools, retail, restaurants, recreation, and natural areas. The vibrant way of life and sense of community continue to attract new residents.

Find out more about new construction homes in Lakewood Ranch. You'll be ready to buy your new home.

Making Your Home in Lakewood Ranch

You have many good reasons for choosing to buy your new home in Lakewood Ranch. RCLCO Real Estate Advisors ranks Lakewood Ranch as the top multi-generational community in the US. Two villages , Del Webb and Cresswind, are exclusively for residents 55 years old or older, but people of all ages live in Lakewood Ranch.

In addition, homes in Lakewood Ranch are primarily owner-occupied. Unlike many other communities in Florida, the majority of Lakewood Ranch residents live there throughout the year. The community keeps its vitality even in the summer.

Buying a home in Lakewood Ranch gives you additional security in your investment. Home prices in the North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton metropolitan area increased in 2020 despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Master-planned communities have more stable housing values. They are also increasingly attractive to a range of buyers looking for homes with a sense of community and convenient access to work, school, shopping, and recreation.

Home sales in Lakewood Ranch have risen consistently since 2011.


Advantages of New Construction Homes

Buying a new home gives you several advantages over buying an existing home. New homes have new materials and appliances, so you won't have to make repairs or renovations right away. Major appliances and systems come with manufacturers' warranties.

New homes meet the requirements of today's building codes. You often get more safety features and have fewer worries about health hazards.

Greater energy efficiency is another benefit of buying a new home. Newer building materials and better insulation contribute to a lower energy footprint.

New homes have the latest technology and amenities. They may have smart home technology like a thermostat and door locks you can control from your smartphone. You get modern architecture and an up-to-date layout with features like a double-island kitchen, extra high ceilings, or a dual primary bedroom suite.

You can customize many features of a new home, including paint colors, light fixtures, cabinets, and countertops. This is easier than renovating or remodeling an existing home.

Villages in Lakewood Ranch with New Homes

Of all the villages in Lakewood Ranch, at least 15 have new single-family homes available. These include the two villages exclusively for residents over the age of 55, Cresswind and Del Webb Lakewood Ranch. The other villages are Country Club East, Esplanade at Azario, Indigo, The Isles, The Lake Club, Lakewood National Golf Club, Lorraine Lakes, Mallory Park, Palisades, Polo Run, Sapphire Point, Savanna, Solera, LakeHouse Cove at Waterside, Shoreview at Waterside, and Windward.

There are three villages with new townhomes or attached villas available.

Most villages have a single builder, though there are exceptions such as The Lake Club, LakeHouse Cove at Waterside, Lakewood Ranch Country Club, and Country Club Eas. Each of these communities feature several builders.

Choosing a Village in Lakewood Ranch

When you're looking for a new home in Lakewood Ranch, you have many factors to consider. The village where the home is located is one important consideration.

Each village in Lakewood Ranch has its own lifestyle and amenities. You can find the community that fits your needs and interests.

For example, The Lake Club is a gated community of single-family homes. The lakefront homes range in size from 2,431 to 5,105 square feet. The community features a Grand Clubhouse with tennis and a fitness center.

LakeHouse Cove at Waterside offers lakefront single-family homes as well. The homes range in size from 1,625 to 3,426 Sq Ft. LakeHouse Cove at Waterside includes a plenty of preserve space, a community center, fitness center, resort-style pool. Residents also have access to a boat house with kayak storage and launch, dog parks, a playground, pickleball courts, and a sunset viewing lawn.

New Home Prices in Lakewood Ranch

Many types of new homes are available in the villages of Lakewood Ranch. Single-family homes start in the high $200s. Each village offers homes in a range of prices. For instance, Indigo has properties starting from the high $200s to $500s, while The Lake Club features homes with base prices from the mid-$900s to over $3 million.

Some builders offer incentives such a percentage towards closing costs with preferred-lender financing, or credits for interior design options. Many communities in Lakewood Ranch are maintenance-free, where you don't have to touch the grass or landscaping; it is all done for you and is included in the monthly HOA fees.

HOA and Stewardship Fees 

Each village in Lakewood Ranch has HOA fees or condo fees. These fees cover services like the neighborhood amenities, maintaining common areas, and some irrigation.

Fees range from $100 to $650 per month, but the average is $200 to $300. The size of the village, types of amenities, level of maintenance, and the type of home you have determine how much you pay in HOA fees.

Lakewood Ranch has a stewardship fee in addition to the village HOA fees. This Community Development District fee is like an HOA fee for the whole community. It helps keep Lakewood Ranch well-maintained and supports community-wide services like parks and trails.

Do I Need a Realtor to Buy New Construction Homes in Lakewood Ranch?

To buy new construction homes, you can work directly with the builder. However, over 70% of new-construction homebuyers in Lakewood Ranch choose to work with a Realtor. Your Realtor can be a valuable resource as you go through the home buying process, helping you find the right community, building site, and model of home.

A Realtor is especially valuable if you are coming from out-of-state. Lakewood Ranch is a massive community with over 100 model homes, and your Realtor will save you a LOT of time by helping you find your areas of interest.

Daniel Bacon is a Realtor and Broker with almost two decades of experience in new-construction, and he is ready to help you build your dream home. He knows the builders, what they're building and where, which communities have what amenities, and he works with many clients from out of state.

Contact us today and let us help you find your dream home.

March 24, 2021

Finding a Tremendous Sarasota Luxury Home

Are you searching for a luxury home in the Sunshine state, but unsure of where to look? Do you want to invest in waterfront homes or luxury homes in an area that justifies the price? If so, then you need to search for Sarasota luxury homes.

Sarasota is one of the United State's hidden gems. It's loaded with waterfront homes, new construction homes, and is near tourist destinations such as Siesta Key, Longboat Key, and Lido Key, some of the best beaches in the world. 

See below for an in-depth guide on how you can find the Sarasota luxury home of your dreams.

Learn the Areas

When people think of Sarasota, FL, their mind automatically goes to waterfront homes and sandy beaches. There is a lot more to Sarasota than that, however, and there are other luxury communities in the greater Sarasota area.

One community featuring luxury homes near the city of Sarasota is Lakewood Ranch, now the 2nd best-selling Master Planned Community (MPC) in the US. In Lakewood Ranch you can buy or build everything from new construction homes, lakefront homes, golf homes, townhouses, find condos for sale, you name it. 

Lakewood Ranch spans two counties, Manatee and Sarasota, and much of the community lies in the city of Bradenton. Bradenton boasts access to the beaches and barrier islands as well, including the infamous Anna Maria Island (locally known as AMI).

If you're looking to invest in a luxury home in an area on the rise, then Lakewood Ranch is a great choice. If you want to be at the beach in under 5 minutes then a luxury home in downtown Sarasota or Siesta Key might be a better option.

For those of you that need a downtown scene, Sarasota is a clear choice. Its downtown area is a perfect blend of business and pleasure. Main street is filled with incredible spots to eat, Lido Key is right over the bridge, and there are palm trees as far as the eye can see.


Sarasota Luxury Homes

Entrust in a Local Expert

If you truly want to invest in a Sarasota luxury home, you'll want to find a local expert to guide you through the process. At the Danial Bacon Group, we live and breathe South Florida luxury living.

We have access to all high-end properties in phenomenal locations throughout the Sarasota and Lakewood Ranch area, and we have the experience to make all of your dreams of Florida come true.


More importantly, we build relationships with our clients, and work to make your transition as smooth as possible. If you are building a new-construction home we'll take you through the entire process, from looking for the right community, choosing the right builder, through contract, and all the way to closing. We'll be with you every step of the way.

Consider Your Dream Lifestyle

Truth be told, the greater Sarasota area, which includes Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch, has about everything you could ask for. Purchase a luxury home a luxury home anywhere in the area and you'll have access to a tropical paradise, with world-class beaches, luxury shopping, endless golf courses, beautiful year-round weather, and low taxes.

If you're an avid golfer, then the Sarasota area has a course or club for you. It's home to top-rated courses such as the The Concession, Lakewood Ranch Country Club, The Ritz Members Gold Club, TPC Prestancia, and many more.

Others prefer beach and water activities such as boating, fishing, sailing, board sports, shelling, or just relaxing on the beach and looking at the beautiful blue water of the Gulf of Mexico. No matter where you buy a luxury home in Sarasota there there will be unlimited opportunities for entertainment and relaxation.

New Type of Waterfront Life

When people generally think of waterfront or beachfront property, they envision dark blue water with big waves and choppy water. That isn't the case in Sarasota.

Lido beach in Sarasota—and the other beaches such as Siesta Beach and Anna Maria—are all on the Gulf of Mexico, where the water is crystal clear and calm, and the sand is soft and white. Buying waterfront property here means having access to a peaceful serenity that will soothe your soul.

We want you to make the most of the Florida lifestyle. If it's always been your dream to own a waterfront or luxury home in Sarasota, let's turn it into a reality. At The Daniel Bacon Group, we'll help you narrow down your options, take the time to learn about your needs and goals. If you aren't familiar with the area, you can rely on our local expertise to point you in the right direction.

Invest in the Sarasota Luxury Homes of Your Dreams

Now that you have seen all of the different things to consider when searching for Sarasota luxury homes to purchase, we hope you will use as a resource. You can begin by visiting our Lakewood Ranch Real Estate market reports page to start your research and familiarize yourself with what properties are selling for in different areas.

For any other inquiries that you may have, please feel free to call or text Daniel Bacon at 941-330-7661 and he will be happy to assist you further.

March 22, 2021

Lakewood Ranch Homes For Sale: What to Know

Do you dream about living in a tropical paradise with pleasant weather, or enjoying the relaxed lifestyle of Florida? There is a reason why Florida is known as the "sunshine state," and hundreds of thousands of people visit the state for it every year. Some of them decide to move here so they never have to leave, or end up buying a second home or investment property and visit for part of the year.

But, finding Florida real estate is not one size fits all. There are big cities, small towns, resort areas, and more to choose from. How do you know which real estate location is best for your needs or lifestyle?

If you are looking for a unique community with an established reputation, consider Lakewood Ranch homes for sale on Florida's Suncoast.

Lakewood Ranch is a Master Planned Community, ranking as second best-selling in the United States. This community, which spans both Manatee County and Sarasota County, is just 20 minutes from downtown Sarasota. Downtown St. Petersburg is 40 minutes away, and Tampa an hour. 

Read on to learn what you need to know about Lakewood Ranch homes for sale in the Sarasota area.

New Construction Homes 

Some home buyers want a fresh start and that build their dream home from the ground up, choosing all of their finishes, colors, structural options, etc. Lakewood ranch has many builders of new-construction homes to choose from, including some of the best custom builders in Florida.

Building your new home from scratch is exciting, but the process can be overwhelming. Choosing the right community is the first step, but then you'll need to find the right homesite, the right model of home, choose all of your options, design your pool. We will help you with all of these things, from choosing a community all the way to the closing table.

We have extensive experience with new construction, have established relationships with builders, and have guided countless clients through the building process, and we would love to help you.

Over 70% of buyers who build new construction homes in Lakewood Ranch work with a Realtor. Best of all, at the Daniel Bacon Group our services are FREE to our clients. Once your home is complete the builder will pay our commission. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by consulting with us on your new home purchase.

Waterfront Homes and Lakefront Homes 

If you are hoping to live in Florida, you may be considering a waterfront or lakefront home, like so many others looking for homes in Lakewood Ranch. Waterfront properties not only provide spectacular views, they can also be great investments and more likely to hold their value over time.

Lakewood Ranch has waterfront homes in all of its 22 communities (and counting). While you will pay a premium for a waterfront home compared to a preserve view, or a homesite backing to other houses, there is nothing like sitting in your living room or lanai and looking out over a peaceful lake.

Luxury Real Estate 

When you think of luxury homes, what comes to mind? In Lakewood Ranch, luxury real estate isn't out of reach. With 22 communities and counting you will be sure to find the home of your dreams.

Depending on your budget, there are plenty of luxury homes in Bradenton under the 1 million dollar mark. Many of these homes will have all the luxury finishes and touches you expect. Think open floorpans, gourmet kitchens, bright and luxurious master bathrooms, spacious lanais featuring custom pools and spas.

Market Expertise 

In the luxury sector, you'll need a guide with a lot of experience. The Daniel Bacon Group offers proven expertise in the Lakewood Ranch real estate market. 

Homes Over $1 Million 

There are many Lakewood Ranch homes for sale exceeding the $1 million dollar mark. These luxurious real estate offerings showcase the best of Florida, and include neighborhoods such as Country Club East, Lake Club, and The Concession. If you are interested in high end homes it may be useful to spend some time on our Market Reports page. You can search all active, pending, and sold homes within the last 6 months. You can also create an account and get email updates on all new listings for luxury homes over $1 million.

Golf Homes

Anyone in Lakewood Ranch can join the Lakewood Ranch Golf & Country Club. This is a country club as well as a community and is divided into two sections: Lakewood Ranch Country Club is the original, and Country Club East is the newer addition. Also, you can purchase a home in either of these communities without joining the club.

Other places to look for golf homes are the communities of Esplanade Lakewood RanchEsplanade at Azario, and Lakewood National.

Ready to Move? Lakewood Ranch Homes For Sale Are Waiting For You.  

Lakewood Ranch is a unique community that offers a place to call home for every taste. Whether you are searching for luxury homes on the resale market, or are ready to build a new construction home, we are here to help you make it happen.

To learn more about Lakewood Ranch homes for sale, visit homes, or to schedule a showing, contact The Daniel Bacon Group

May 2, 2020

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