What if you could draw back your floor-to-ceiling curtains in the morning, gaze out over the glimmer of your pool, and set your eyes upon the slow rise of the morning sun? 

That sounds lovely, doesn't it? But, what if you could do it over the rising slope of emerald green grass, silky smooth sand traps, and bold, red flag pins? Life would feel, at once, calm, complete, and quintessential. 

Purchasing a golf course home comes with an array of benefits. They begin with glorious morning sunlight and end with beautiful sunsets and evening activities, ranging from swim class to dinner with a nice filet mignon paired with a smooth Malbec. 

Below, we've painted a canvas that outlines six of the best benefits of living in a golf course community. In it, you'll find there's something for everyone and tranquility just around the corner.  

1. Expansive Views

Living near a golf course tends to come with two different types of views: expansive green lawns and waterfront delights.

No matter your preference, imagine a world where you look out from your sunroom to see palm trees swaying in the breeze, pelicans sailing into the pond, and the flag on green dancing in the breeze.

The golf course lifestyle is all but made for lanai living. Folks who live in golf communities visit their lanais with their morning cups of coffee. come back for lunch and again for an evening swim. The lanai is your outdoor living room and provides peace, tranquility, and relaxation.

golf course home

2. Community Living & Great Tee Times

Golf course homes tend to attract like-minded people. Whether they have a love for the sport or an appreciation for a fine manner of living, you're going to pool together with folks you're likely to get along with. 

As you seek out the best foursome for Saturday's round, you'll find it's easy to pair up with new friends. And, if the courses beckon people from all over to come and take a swing, you'll always have the home field advantage of better tee times as a resident. 

All in all, you'll have the benefits of community living with like-minded people and prime access to the courses that drew you there in the first place. 

3. Planned Events

Let's stay with the topic of community living a little while longer. It will be quite effortless and natural to bump into like-minded people who will quickly become friends. 

Beyond that, there will also be ample opportunities to attend planned events. You won't be hard-pressed to find local newsletters in golf communities that list a host of ongoing activities. In addition, some communities employ activity directors who are always coming up with new things for residents to do.

Perhaps you'll find fundraising events you can attend, arts and crafts classes, group trips to local destinations, or happy hour specials you can enjoy with your new friends. 

The point is that the golf lifestyle lends itself to so much more than perfect tee times and competitive foursomes. It also opens the door to countless communal events that will introduce you to all kinds of wonderful, new friends. 

4. Pools & Other Amenities

Golf community real estate comes with yet more than expansive views, great tee times, and a communal feel. You're also likely to stumble upon local, community pools and other amenities that will allow you to soak up the sun. 

Common amenities include well-maintained pools, fitness centers, tennis courts, bocce ball, and pickleball courts. Beyond that, don't be surprised if you find recreational centers, or clubhouses, with pool tables, multi-purpose rooms for arts and crafts, and top-shelf restaurants. 

5. Town Centers

Speaking of top-shelf restaurants, it's likely the golf community you're exploring is within a short distance to a town square or shopping center, featuring all kinds of restaurants and shops to explore. Main Street Town Center was the first major town center and is a hub of social activity in Lakewood Ranch. The new Waterside Place will feature waterfront restaurants, parks, and the new Players Center for the Performing Arts.

These are places where you might stroll a Saturday morning farmer's market or dance to the beat of some live music on a Friday night.

6. Property Value

Selling is rarely on the mind of a new homebuyer. But, it's certainly worth considering. You're making the best investment of your life and you want it to have value. 

When you buy a home in a golf community, you're purchasing a special home that is more likely to retain value over time, particular in a top-selling community like Lakewood Ranch. 

Then, when/if the time comes to sell, the views and community will speak for themselves, and just might allow you to boost your list price a couple of notches. 

The Best Golf Course Home for You

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