Ultimate Property Marketing Plan

Sell a Home in Lakewood Ranch, FL

Price, Presentation, and Promotion - Getting it Right

To sell your home for the highest price in the shortest amount of time you need to work with agents who are at the top of their game. iPhone photos and a simple MLS listing will NOT cut it in today’s market!

We have created an inspired and effective marketing system designed for selling your home quickly. It's built around three principles of real estate marketing strategy: Price, Presentation, and Promotion—The 3 Ps of Property Marketing.

Only a successful combination of all three elements gives you the best chance of a timely sale at the highest price.


Price Is Key

The fact is that a home is worth what a willing, able, and ready buyer will pay for it with consideration to other homes on the market. For most homeowners, pricing becomes an emotional decision, and most feel that their home is worth top dollar when compared to others on the market. This is a natural human response. The tendency is almost always to overprice the property, which is NOT the way to get the most money for your home.

Overpricing can lead to many problems:

  • A house that sits on the market for too long becomes less desirable in the mind of buyers and will attract lower and lower offers, if any offers at all.
  • Fewer agents will show the property since they will see the pricing as unrealistic.
  • Fewer buyers will see the home on the internet if it’s priced above their defined search parameters.

Getting the price right requires a close look at the data; what has sold, what hasn't sold, and what your home is currently competing against. We have 15 years of experience valuing homes and will do a thorough analysis of the market data before recommending a list price.

Rule of thumb: In a healthy market, a properly priced and marketed property should get on average 2-3 buyer showings per week and receive at least one offer in the first 30 days.

Pricing Your Home

Presentation - Showcasing Your Home

Since there is greater than a 90% chance that a buyer who visits your home will have seen it on the internet first, professionally produced media is paramount to a successful sale. People love looking at photos and video of homes, and many will look at hundreds of homes online before seeing any in person. Your listing must stand out from the rest of the pack! We use the best media providers in the business to showcase your property.

Professional Photography

Professionally photographed homes attract more buyers and sell for higher prices. Great photos are an asset when it comes to selling a home in Lakewood Ranch, FL. It’s shocking how many listings there are with photos taken with an iPhone or point-and-shoot camera. And don’t be fooled by an amateur carrying a big DSLR camera; property and interior photography is extremely difficult and specialized, and the camera is only a small part of the solution. Only a professional real estate photographer with years of experience can provide the quality photography we insist on for your home.

Pro Photos 1
Pro Photos 3
Pro Photos 2

Aerial Drone Photos and Video Flyovers

Aerial photography and video is the most powerful tool to come to real estate property marketing in the past decade. Aerial imagery can be dramatic and allows us to show off your property and neighborhood in a unique way that used to require renting a helicopter. We use aerial imagery to create more interesting listings in the MLS, more powerful property videos, and more engaging videos for use on social media.

We have an FAA licensed remote pilot on staff who captures stunning aerial images and video we use to present your home.

Drone Photos
Drone Photos
Drone Photos

Compelling Property Videos

Those 360-degree virtual tours with spinning photos are a thing of the past. The cutting edge in property marketing today is video. Our video tours combine high-quality photographs with interior, ground, and aerial video to showcase your property in a format that buyers will watch over and over.

Click the Play button:

Print Media

We take all of those beautiful photos we use for internet marketing and feature them on full-color brochures for visiting buyers to take with them and on full-color postcards we mail to the surrounding community.

Listing Brochure Front
Listing Brochure Back
Just Listed Postcard

Promotion - We Do More

Many agents will just take some photos of your home and list it in the MLS. While listing in the MLS is the single most effective way to promote your listing, there is so much more to do!

Internet Marketing

With over 90% of buyers looking at homes on the internet before they look in person, your listing has to be visible everywhere. While this begins with us listing your home in the MLS, our plan doesn’t stop there.

Where buyers come from
Listing Syndication

Listing Syndication

Once your listing is complete with the highest-quality photography and video, we leverage that media by syndicating your listing to hundreds of national and international real estate websites.

Custom Property Websites

We create a custom website for your home complete with photos, virtual tour, neighborhood information, and a showing request button, and then use that domain name in all of our marketing to drive people to the site.

Custom Website
Facebook Ads

Targeted Facebook Ads

We are constantly driving people to our website through Facebook ads targeted to buyers and to our growing base of followers. We create ads that drive people directly to your listing from Facebook. This gets your listing in front of thousands of additional people.

YouTube Videos

YouTube is the biggest search engine in the world and happens to be owned by Google. We export your virtual tour to our YouTube Channel, giving your listing additional exposure and a chance of ranking higher in Google searches.

youTube Videos
Email Marketing

Direct-to-Agent Email Marketing

All of our new listings are emailed directly to thousands of local agents, many of whom are working with active buyers who may be interested in your home.

Just Listed Postcards

We send high-quality, full-color postcards to your surrounding neighborhood letting them know about your listing. This is great exposure since many of your neighbors may know people who are looking for a home in your neighborhood.

Just Listed Postcard
Open House

Open House

We advertise your open house in the MLS, the local paper, and with targeted Facebook ads to get as many people through as possible. We also use directional signs and balloons to attract more attention. And yes, we want all your neighbors to come through!

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